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Robert Lawson





I’ll sound like a broken record but if more people were willing to do track days like myself and JW it would be a good start. Every time we host one of these another new driver gets introduced. The format is ideal for no pressure, no stress where a new guy or girl can ease there way into it without the pressure of a schedule.


Its too bad IRP is in such ill repair. You could get a good group of sprinters out there with Newcastle to draw from. For Putnam to be affordable you would have to do a weekday gig and that would be tough. Get a few of those Indy Car guys involved. Yer a smart cookie, pull out that old phone book and find some help. Tell Dismore he owes ya!!!!! :)


Last trip to Putnam we stopped at CKS. I offered all the guys in the shop a free ride in one of the F-125’s and they all turned me down! Maybe there is something in the water down there Greg?