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Greg Wright

OK, now that we agree with David’s column (again +100) what are we as a racing community going to do about it?

The major organizations (other than KART) either have nothing to do with roadracing or treat it as an unwanted step child. This certainly results in the roadracing fraternity to more or less fend for itself.

How do we change that? This is also the reason that roadracing is for the most part given minimal to no coverage at all. No wonder so many are actually unaware even of it’s existence.

Besides the lack of much in the way of help from the National orgs there are other barriers to overcome.

Many sprint karters are no longer the speed freaks that many of are and they are scared of the speed.

Many sprint karters seem to feel that roadracing is insanely dangerous. While admittedly there have been incidents there have also been incidents in sprint racing, oval racing, street racing etc.

Many sprint karters seem to think that roadracing is terribly hard on equipment in spite of the fact that roadracing chassis stay competitive for season after season.  When confronted with that statement I have to only look back a handful of years when I decided to take advantage of the local sprint track being NCMP and sprint raced for four years. In four years time I tore up more equipment and hurt more engines than I did in 30+ years of roadracing.

I would love to see this conversation blossom, I will do anything that I can to help build some momentum in the roadracing ranks.

Greg Wright
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