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John parker

Hi John You have 2 options in the lower mainland. There is a track in Chilliwack http://www.westcoastkartclub.ca, and Italian Motors track just across the border at Sumas http://www.simaracing.com. The second option is the only track where they run the ICC engines.

Thanks Steen. I am a member at Kart BC but not racing, we have rented a container at the track for storage and wrenching. During last summer I was going out too the track practicing 2-3 times a week with a friend, who like me also bought a shifter kart. We both new very little about the the sport, but got a lot of help from the owner of Vemme kart, super guy. We spent most of the Summer understanding driving, kart setup, motor tuning. We both concluded that we are going to race this year, probably both TAG and shifters baring and political problems. What we would also like is to run our shifter karts at a few road courses such as Laguna, ORP, The ridge. I come from a motorcycle back ground and have raced at these tracks and others through out the US and would love to try it in the Karts. So I am trying to find out if it is possible, and if not possible to race, then just to practice.

I have been down to Sima and seen there setup, it’s nice but a little pricey for what it is. We are going to run a practice day and race there this spring so may be we will change our minds.