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Dan Brown

My seat that I used for the last two karts is a Lightning Light Twister in XXL. It is a fiberglass seat, and its pretty stiff. I just bought a Tillett T8  1/4 padded in XXL and installed it in the iKart, which due to the winter weather here in NY I have not driven yet. My last 2 karts, The TonyKart and the Margay Limo, both had similar characteristics when entering a corner. The front tires would push terrible with minor steering input, when the steering was turned more the inside tire would sometimes lift slightly but not carry for very long, always touching down before the apex of the turn. Giving large amounts of steering input to try and get the kart to rotate would cause the front tires to chatter and hop, or if they grabbed sufficiently the rear end snapped violently loose. On a fast, wide open left hand sweeper, I would lose over 1000 rpm when attempting to turn as the rear tires stayed glued to the track and the chassis would bind. Most of the decent driver/tuners I ran with all said to keep moving my seat ahead to get less weight on the rear end, but I couldn’t comfortably move ahead any more , my knees were in my chin already. Front/rear percentage on the Margay was 39% front, 61 % rear with an on track weight of 405 with me in kart and a half tank of fuel. I was running a Yamaha pipe package and YLC tires.