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Linda Baldus

FYI, I just ran some numbers.  I don’t have a dog in the hunt, but I was curious, and it had come up in a couple of conversations I was having. The only way I can come up w/ #s is to count qualifiers from mylaps. I assume there might be reasons why the actual final #s might be a little different.

Man Cup had 511 entries in 20 classes.

Dirt had 652 in 40 classes.

Both of those sound great to me.  Is that fewer than they had on the dirt last year?

Roadrace had around the same as last year, (maybe 5 more or less, either way, from what I heard.) although I didn’t try to make a count from race-monitor, and nobody knows when (or if) they will ever have that info on mylaps. (me being facetious).

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO