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Rob Howden

Do most of the members of this forum realize that the Daytona Man Cup event was the smallest of the three events going on in Daytona?

Didn’t think so.

This is something I’d truly like to get better numbers on. I’d love to see overall entry totals and actual physical competitors at each venue.

I think its hard to state that Man Cup was the ‘smallest’ without knowing the actual numbers, Greg. Otherwise, you’re just making statements based on past historical data and assumptions.

To its credit, the Man Cup race was a solid return to form for the WKA, and part of the overall swing of health in terms of Kartweek, I believe. I was told that the Dirt numbers were down a little, and that the RR was pretty much the same. Man Cup had about 260 entries each day, for a total of over 500 for the two-day event. At all three venues, you’d expect that most drivers run multiple classes. In Man Cup, however, with the new class structure, not as many people are doing that, which is interesting. I just looked at the Junior classes (LO206 Junior, Yamaha Junior and IAME Junior) and only 11 of the 27 Yamaha Junior drivers did double duty in IAME, and 1 Yamaha Junior also ran LO206 Junior. In Senior, only 6 of the 47 IAME Senior drivers drove Yamaha Senior as well. This is definitely a shift in overall numbers. I’d expect there were close to 200 individual drivers at the Man Cup race.

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