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Jansen Cinco

Also Robert, I was under the impression that in a Rotax it’s more beneficial to corner exit to actually take a later apex so as to get on power early… Generally speaking of course as all corners are different.

I’ve done about 10, 15-20 minute sessions so far in a Rotax and have found it more comfortable turning in slightly later and taking a later apex rather than a shallow entry with early turn in.

Maybe I’ll upload a couple of videos in the next few days. I’ve been able to take some onboard video of myself and have been comparing it to onboards of the fast guys or I should say kids/ teens at my local track.

You’ll clearly see me struggling to get on power and being 2-3 kart lengths down after each corner… :( Braking points and turn in points look similar to the fast guys but at exit im severely lacking. I’ll post comparison vids in the next couple days.

Looking forward to to more discussion! Thanks!!!!!