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Jansen Cinco

Thanks Robert Fisher and again Rob Clinard for your replies! Since I am renting the kart I’m not really able to make adjustments to setup etc. I pretty much call up the track and they make the kart ready for a practice session for me.

I have heard setup can make quite a difference but maybe I should be a little more specific, especially when it comes to how far I am off the pace. Quick guys can do a high 36 second lap time. The best I ever managed was a high 40 second lap time. Usually I am running in the mid 41s or low 42s… As you see I am WAY off the pace.

No doubt setup changes and such would help improve my feel while driving but that huge gap can’t come from setup alone… I expect there are techniques that I am not employing in my driving at the moment.

Some observations from what I have read on the Internet and tried on track:

-when braking hard, the rear goes a little loose and wiggles a bit and the front becomes more responsive, seems like a good thing…

-when trying to get back on power after turn in, rear wants to step out a bit when I apply throttle to power band, a tiny tiny bit of throttle seems to keep kart settled but quick guys are definitely in power band when exiting as can be observed by engine noise…

Any exercises I can try to improve this corner exit technique?

Thanks again for all the comments and advice thus far, especially in terms of setup and power valve. I think even more useful info would be at a more basic level as I doubt setup and such alone will close the gap 4-6 seconds. Thanks!