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Jansen Cinco

Hey Rod Clinard thanks for your reply! Yes I have learned that throttle application is very important in a Rotax. Before  I even sat in the kart the instructors were telling me about how the carb works and how to ease into the throttle. Didn’t quite understand till I actually felt the motor do pretty much nothing when I gave it too much throttle on corner exit, then violently kick in once the fuel started burning.

I’ve been able to pretty consistently apply throttle smoothly out of corners, leading to a nice smooth acceleration out. Thing is I actually get on the throttle very late compared to the quick guys.

I read on another post about how very little steering input is required to get the kart to turn in and once it’s turned into the corner, one can get on the throttle and start opening up the steering. This seems to be the case with most onboard footage I have seen but haven’t really consistently been able to replicate it thus far. I often hear slight tire squeal when some of the quick guys are braking and cornering and I see quick fine adjustments to steering as they’re powering out of corners. Kind of looks like they’re sliding a little little bit…

Yes indeed, when sliding sideways one is not going forward! :) However is this slight sliding or floating the way to handle a kart? I’ve been able to do it a bit and the kart seems to be very responsive when it goes light and starts to slide around a little. I’m thinking that I need to get more comfortable and confident it the feeling of it being light and getting on the power and controlling the slide… Not talking about drifting though, just to be clear. I’ve had that feeling too; going sideways into a corner with tons of opposite steering.

Thanks again for your reply and looking forward on continuing the discussion!