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Alan Michel

swapping motors wouldn’t work in the shifter class(and probably neither on the other classes).  many different fuel systems, jetting’s, etc.   wouldn’t be fair to race with an engine you haven’t practice with or had time to find out what works on it best.  I have two engines and they need different jets to perform at their best.    leased engine?  the builder should then be happy his engine is sold after the event for retail cost plus $1000 on TOP of the lease money$ charged for the race itself. win win! right?  (unless of course the builder has spent considerable time on that specific engine to make it the best or is just a one of a kind cylinder and cant replicate easily, then he is out of luck :)              goal accomplished

I don’t think the claim system will be used too often in the shifter class, but it is a good thing to have.      if you have raced for a few years,  it should be obvious to you that some engines are stronger than others, no questions about that…  so this might help distribute those engines.        the talented drivers that are winning now will continue to win, I don’t doubt that.


my guess is we won’t see all of the ‘strong’ engines in next few races, some will definitely will be saved for SuperNats lol