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Alan Michel

Greg, that wouldn’t happen in SKUSA national races.   Do you think D.Formal or any supernats winner would not give up the engine?

If anybody had the chance to buy Formals supernats engine at retail + $1000 right after the race, who would not buy it?          Most likely whoever bought it will find out that it was a great engine just like most of the front runners in the s1 class,  but the new owner can’t win with it, it was definitely not only his engine that won supernats.     But, the rule does provide (1)some sense of leveling the field.  Knowing that you can get a winning engine without paying ridiculous amount of money for a “stock class” engine.        and,(2) if the forced seller was in some way cheating and spent a lot of money to built that one engine, he might not be willing to go to that extent again(I believe those are the 2 main goals behind the new claim rule)

But it’s racing, and people will spend whatever they can  to win…