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Joey Guyon

It’s a good image idea. If people think Pagano has some crazy engine and can’t drive… well go ahead and claim it.

Personally I’d rather claim the engine of the guy in 12th who was impossible to pass because he had so much straight speed.

In claimer racing you hardly ever see an engine claim. The Quebec karters put a claim rule in about 5 years ago because of paddock rumours of Lance Stroll’s rotax engine budget. Well guess what? Nobody ever claimed his stuff.

Same with our local IMCA circle track series 20 years ago. There was a $500 claimer rule while guys were barrelling around with $4000 engines. Hardly any claims.

If we see it anywhere it will be in Cadet where rivalries and fired up dads have pissing matches.

I’m interested to hear more opinions.