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brian downing

I can tell you that running a race with 3 guys can be a less than satisfying race. It only takes two to race, but unless they’re evenly matched it’s just two guys on the track at the same time, each essentially racing the clock.

I’m sorry to say this, but to be quite frank, I’m tired of standing around watching the classes with 3 guys racing. It’s not fun to watch classes that small. I’ll sit through it for the real young kids, because they’re the future of the sport, but the Sr classes with 3 karts need to be scratched. It’s more exciting to see two kids battle for tenth place with 15+ entries. There’s lots of skin in the game, lots of spectators, lots of action, and that’s what racing is all about, isn’t it?

We struggled with the “affordable” classes, KT100, PRD, in New Jersey too, but unfortunately there weren’t enough entries and we are making the switch to TAG in ’16. In this day and age it’s a sad fact, but it takes real money to go karting.