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Abraham Jones

The toe out is set to 2mm.

I don’t know what specific chassis I have. I’ve included a picture of the id plate.

I have the front ride height and caster at the stock settings. I haven’t adjusted either.

The rear ride height is all the way up. Initially it was all the way down but the track here is bumpy. The skid plate for the rear disk would wear out quickly and the comment was that I was throwing sparks as I went around the track. When I dropped the rear axle over steer got better and my ribs wouldn’t get as sore. I think when the kart was bottoming out it would give my ribs a jolt.

The tires are used. I buy them as practice tires from an acquaintance who runs SKUSA events. I flip them before I mount them and the ridge on the inside shows up almost immediately.

I’m not sure why the size of tires doesn’t look right. I put a yard stick on them for reference.

My impression is that trail braking doesn’t work with karts. It seems that braking and turning makes the kart over rotate and that kills entry speed. Just one guy’s opinion though.