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Jim Derrig

Okay, but you already know that the cheapest thing about racing is buying the car ;)

here are some general guidelines:

1.  Chassis should be year 2003 or newer, as anything older than that gets much harder to find parts for.  Axle size can be 40 or 50mm.

2.  If you get a shifter, a honda is the preferred motor just because of parts availability for karting applications.

3.  If you get a single speed, it should be a Rotax or Leopard (IAME/Parrilla) for parts/service availability

4  In my experience, the hardest thing to find parts for on an older kart is the brakes, as there a dozens of different caliper designs and they all require a different pad size/shape.  You might want to look into that before you buy.

5.  Most of the stuff on your local craigslist is worn out crap that will not meet items 1-3, but if you look hard and long enough you’ll probably find something.