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Hans Mattes

My buddy bought a never-used ’05 Trackmagic with Leopard for $1500.  It had never been assembled correctly (e.g., carb on upside down, brakes non-functional, ill-fitting bolts instead of king pins), and he’s put close to $2000 into support equipment, tools, spares, getting the kart sorted, and adding the requisite MyChron.  I bought an entire kart operation, ’07 Rocket kart (well used, but well set up) with Leopard and LOTS of spares (including a second engine), tools, support equipment and a trailer, for $2000.  Yet I also have put over $500 into setting it up — mainly a highbacked carbon fiber seat and some high-priced foam from Pegasus to hold my aging body in place.  Our after-purchase expenses are only for parts; we both do our own wrenching (on cars as well as karts).  We are several seconds off of competitive times at the Sonoma Raceway kart track, but we can hold our own on practice days and are having a lot of fun — on the cheap (VERY cheap), compared to race cars.