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Daryle Redlin

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the input. To be honest its been very tough for us this year to quantify the value of the sponsorship. On the one hand I personally love racing and that is partially why we got involved however at this level of sponsorship it has to make viable business sense as well. We are reaching out for input, such as you have provided, to see what we need to change or add to our program to get a measurable ROI. Marketing can be tricky sometimes as often it will take some time to see the real benefits. There may be one or two things that we overlooked that may make all the difference. I’m glad to hear that one of your drivers was able to take advantage of our program this year, please extend a thank you to him/her for supporting us. If you know any other racers that would like to provide us with any input please pass on our email address, protour@fikse.com.  This address only comes to us and any comments will be kept private.

Thanks again and looking forward to touching base with you in the future.

Daryle Redlin

Fikse Wheels.