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Dan Schlosser

Hi Daryle,

We don’t cross paths often as we primarily contest east coast and midwest events but I would like to extend a personal thank you to someone willing to invest in karting. I truly hope you receive viable, calculable results for your efforts. One of our drivers did take advantage of the program you instituted for drivers and sported the colors throughout the season at our local track – Pitt Race. We helped him reach out to the local PCA region and I know he took part in the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix festivities as well to promote the Fikse sponsorship.

I believe it is extraordinarily important for karting to look beyond the shops and manufacturers for all of the sponsorship and advertising dollars – hopefully your program will go a long way toward proving the potential.

Thank you again for your efforts. I look forward to meeting sometime in the future!

Dan Schlosser

Kartwerks USA