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Richard Gordon

If you want good stuff but at a low price, I will also vote for the LO206. You can get a brand new, race ready Margay Ignite K3 for under $4k. Or find a used shifter kart rolling chassis that is 4-5 year old and buy a new engine kit for $750. They are fast enough to teach you driving skills and easy to maintain. I bought an 07 Italkart Elite that was race ready for $1100. Ended up having to buy new front end parts as everything was worn. Also had to make a new floor pan as there are no pans available for it anymore. I wouldn’t buy anything older than about 5 years because of the lack of parts, although most parts are pretty universal fit wise. You should be able to get a nice set up for well under $3000 and you might find a deal for around $1500 if your lucky. Lots of TaG karts around too for cheap. Not cheap to run though. The engines will last a lot longer than a KT100 which needs to be freshened pretty frequently compared to the TaG motors. The LO206 just needs the oil changed every race. Set the valve lash after break in and not much else to deal with once you have the carb adjuste. It has a sealed block and most every part on it is spec right down to the air filter and spark plug. It is the best bang for the buck and a great way to get started.