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Ambrose Buldo

It took 1/2 a season, but I got the issue resolved. Although my EVO kit supposably had the upgrade to the upgrade, I ordered one anyway. It was probably a combination of things but mostly vibriation.

1. My seloniod was hard mounted by shop. I put one rubber isolator on it (Kit only can with one). I also relocated the coil so it bounced around less.
2. It is possible in some bumpy corners the coil may of been making contact with the seat.
3. I also put a couple rubber washers between where the bracket mounts to the crank-case. That dampened a little more vibriation.
4. Added the second crank sensor Gasket (Did not resolve the issue)

I am running without resistrictor pill installed. I found that when I had the pill installed it got sucked about an inch down the black hose and it is a pain to remove. Its a pretty poor design. Intresting in that the dealer said he installed he pill but I could not find it. It has me thinking maybe there already is one stuck in the line.

Running with 2 ground wires connected, it pulls 14,900 RPM. Next time out going to test back to back with one wire verses two.

Also I think 14,900 RPM may be on the high side, I may drop a tooth. Can only help with engine longevity. What are you guys targeting for max RPM?