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Mike Giles

This advise was provided to me by  Mr. Josh Huff  after an off track episode at Adams Kart Track. My kart looked like freaking powdered doughnut and the motor mount/lower case/bearing support was ten times worse. (sand/oil/chain lube…yuck) This was a practice session the night before a race and I didn’t have time to break everything down to clean properly. I took a disposable 9×12 aluminum pan and secured it under the motor with a bungie cord. Removed rear wheels and chain, put roughly 1/4 inch of fuel in the pan and used a 3 inch paint brush to “paint” the lower case, rails and mount  with the fuel. I stayed clear of the electrical connections (rotax evo) and axle bearings. The oil/sand mess literally melts off the kart.  I removed the pan and hit it with a little compressed air.  I then sprayed the same area with a liberal dose of WD and again hit it with compressed air and wiped up any residual.  For the rest of the chassis I used a second paint brush (dry) to brush every nook and cranny. Pedals, tie rod ends and every weld and nut and bolt on the chassis had dirt in it. Within 30-40  minutes the kart was clean and track ready.