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Mark Traylor

Starting in 1994 I was involved in racing 250 road race karts with Terry Ives in NorCal.  When the CRF 450 came out my team owner had an association with Honda through a driver that drove the kart a lot.   They gave the team a couple CRF 450 engines.  They were great, easy to tune and dead reliable, but definately down a power to the 250 2 strokes.  It wasn’t awful, do to the power band we still won most of the time only a really good driver in a really good 2T could beat us.   That being said when the average driver got a 450 they were slower.  The engines started to get modified, then they became very unreliable and very expensive.   The program in Sonoma is definately different as the engines are controlled by the owner HPD.