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Chris Reinhardt

Jim, I agree with you on both points, the CRF is slower, and the all the new Homologations aren’t all that much better, if any….  The tuner on any particular motor makes the difference…

But, I believe one of the issues of running a 10 year old+ motor is that everything in the motor is warn just a little bit, and all that adds up to a loss of power…  Take a fresh factory new motor, and all the tolerances are where they should be, and that makes up for a lot….

That being said, if the right person was to go though ever inch of the motor and measure everything, they probably would be able to bring everything back factory new spec, but then again, what would that cost versus selling it and replacing it with a new one….

So the CRF is slower? So what, it runs in it’s own class…  Stock Honda is slower than the Mod’s were, and the Stock Honda is probably more competitive than the Mod’s ever were…

I like the idea of lease motor program, you don’t have to worry about some tuner getting more power than the next guy……

I remember when I was road racing, the factory support rider’s used to walk over to the Honda trailer, wheel out a crate, pull their old motors, put in the new ones, pack it back up…  Takes all the guess work out….



Chris Reinhardt

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