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James McMahon

What are the difference with the new KZ that make it that much better than the K9c? I have checked the port timing, combustion chamber, Squish, even the piston I haven’t seen anything I would consider ground breaking the one thing I did see was the intake track and reed cage but really that would be minimal. Am I missing something?

The differences in performance are 99% perception from what I’ve seen over the years. Performance improvements between homologations for the most part is very incremental, perhaps not even measurable. Sometimes there will be a breakthrough (like Rotax’s 100 debut), but for the most part the performance difference that one is lead to believe between homolgations is not very big. Each time you’ll hear people claim they found xxx (time) with the latest widget/upgrade/motor. I recond if you go back ten years, add up the claims of time found with each “widget” and compare lap times to today all other things being reasonably equal (track, tires, conditions) one might expect that a modern KZ would be 2 seconds faster than the last ICC. But my guess is that it wouldn’t even be close to that.
Many of the folks that claim big differences are invested in the newer stuff in one way or another :D

Look at how radical the Modena motor is. Thing is a work of art, but yet it has not outshone the competition.

I’m very interested to see where the CRF250 goes….