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Todd Kageals


I did exactly what you are doing, even got the lower end on eBay!  I spent about $1000.00 rebuilding my motor (new cylinder, new crank, new head, new piston, all new bearings, all new seals and gaskets).  Get your parts from a place like discounthondaparts.com .  There are other places.  You can buy a new cylinder for what it would cost to buy a sleeve and have it installed.  You can easily do this if you have some general rebuild experience (I had only done car motors before).  One tip on the transmission.  I THINK I remember reading that only the 96 97 is a direct swap.  The earlier transmissions have one shaft that is shorter or something like that (IIRC).  Also, you can easily slip fit the bearings/crank.  If you are doing it by hand, it will take a while but easily doable (I did it on a lathe with some sand paper).  Good luck.  Feel free to email me if I can help (it’s been three years though).