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Chris Reinhardt

John, I started in MX, went through road racing, ended up in karts…

You’re talking apples and oranges…

You can run a whole season on a piston and ring on MX 250 2 stroke, you get maybe 2 weekends on it in a superkart..  Maybe several pistons a weekend if you stick it.  In MX, you’ll never lean them as much as you would in kart, and they’ll never stay wide open as long as in a kart…

I’ve run CRF450’s for several seasons, had one the first ones out there in 2003, I can get about 2 weekends on a piston, if it were a big race, I put a fresh one in just because.  The only failures I’ve had were aftermarket valves, factory valves work very well…  The biggest problem we have encountered was factory rod failures, so we replace the rods with something like a Carillo, problem solved…

The biggest difference in the two is that you can run a two stroke till they blow up, $500 to $600 in parts, back on the road.

You run a four stroke till they blow, could be $1000 or more in parts!!!

I love them both, I still have a bunch of 125’s…  It is what it is…..



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