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John parker

Hi all, I am new on here and new to karting and I have been following this thread, it’s interesting. I come from a moto background and I can tell you straight up, 4 strokes cost bucks! If you think maintains 2strokes is bad wait till you have to do a rebuild on those. I have 2 crf 450’s and a YZ250F and a YZ 250 two stroke. All of my 4strokes are for sale, it’s just too much time and cost to justify it, and I do all my own wrenching. They have one good point, torque, that where it starts and ends. For moto it helps for sure, they can mask  your lack of skills, unlike a 2 stroke. One other thing to remember is in moto they aren’t wide open as much as they would be on a kart so valve adjustment time would be more frequent. Also the different manufacturers use different quality TI (Honda cheap, Yamaha expensive)in there valves so depending on the manufacturer valves may not last as long, like Yamaha. My opinion, leave karts with 2 strokes.