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Patrick Roth

I’m 6′ 0″ tall and have never wished for more leg room through a longer chassis or extended porch.  It’s really a personal preference but figured I’d throw out my experience as a data point for you to consider…

Just about any chassis that a 4 cycle motor can be mounted to can be fast.  The fastest guys at my club run all sorts of different chassis’.  One runs a DR 4 cycle, another a CRG 4 cycle, another a 30mm CRG, another a 32mm Birel, another a 32mm Intrepid, and the list goes on and on.  The point being these guys are fast on old/new chassis of varying brands with varying tubing sizes.  My recommendation is to find a kart that is supported locally and if there isn’t one than get some recommendations from the guys at your local club.

I will put in my two cents if you want to go brand new.  To keep flexibility I would recommend a 30mm, 30/32, or a 32mm chassis (you never know if you will want to switch to TaG or at some point you may decide to sell the chassis and these appeal to a larger crowd).  I recently rented an Extreme World Formula kart from RPM Racekarts in which I ran a World Formula motor (not that much more power than the 206).  I was extremely impressed with the design and the way it handled and I was running the 30mm version.  In one weekend I was barely a tick behind the class leader who was racing his kart in which he had a lot more laps and experience with.