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Christian Fox

Um..we’re talking about a kid kart/Micro driver here…leveraging your “personal brand” is a bit much at this point. As Tim correctly pointed out, local businesses sponsoring kid sports is a goodwill gesture, not some part of a grand marketing scheme with expected returns. And keep in mind sponsorship brings pressure to an activity that for a little kid should be about fun and learning. If a local business wants to help out, that’s very cool, but their expectations from the relationship should be a hearty thank you and a decal on your kart. Bottom line is their isn’t a whole lot of sponsorship in karting, even at high, national level stuff. Every parent/family there is forking over 99% of the budget. Karting isn’t a big enough market for equipment makers to give away too much stuff to very many people. If they do, it isn’t the big ticket stuff. It’s a captive market; no one gets free motors in a single motor series when everyone has to buy the same motor anyway.