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Walt Gifford

If you weight 190 in the morning before getting dressed you want the 32mm chassis and run the Rota$ heavy class.

But, why don’t you get an LO206 and go over to Etown and get your feet wet. They’ll put you in with similar speed karts and when you’re done with the LO206 they sell like hot cakes, just look and you can’t find one for sale used anywhere.

Rota$ and tag are god awful fast, you’re going to get run over or maybe lose control and get in a pile up. There are allot of newbie guys in those classes with more money than brains and they can’t handle the power, it’s like a meat grinder. Ask somebody how fast they get going on the main straight at Millville. You know what’s at the end of that straight? a braking zone that’s a twisty “S” and a solid steel barrier with no run off area.

Be a rookie for a while and come up through the ranks. I think there are allot of people out there waiting for an LO206 class to get going. Start the revolution.


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