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Benjamin Lucas

Patrick, you raise a good point. If I do wind up having issues with the build or come across things I’m not comfortable doing, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring in the box of parts and have it rebuilt by a pro. And I may even farm out a few of the jobs and if I do that, it’ll be a good time to pick somebody’s brain about it.

And Jack, I did see the metal-matrix site. Great info, nice pics. I am also thinking about maybe ponying up the bucks for a kartweb membership. I’ve read here that they haven’t really don’t much updating in the past 5 years or so, but it sounds like they still have a lot of solid information for a new builder.

I’m also thinking of buying a full 90-97 motor for the trans. If I did this, the plan would be to swap trannies and then build up the 90-97 for use as a practice motor. It’d be nice to have a spare that I could throw on the kart for practice and fun without having to use my legal motor. If I went this route, I’d be able to use things like sleeved pistons and the like to keep the costs way down.