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Ambrose Buldo

I took a look at the engine over the weekend. Based on the feedback here, I notices two things:

1. The PV seloniod was hard mounted with two bolts to the bracket. Not having access to purchase an isolator until I get to the track, I mounted it loosly to the bracket making using a two stacked fawcet washers to create a home made isolator. I used two bolts.

2. I also noticed that the when hitting a big bump the coil would hit the side of the seat. You can actually see by looking at the coil and the seat where there would be contact. Hanging off the isolators these parts move around allot. The video posted in this thread illistrate that effectively.

Hopefully, these two fixes should address the RPM limiting issue. I won’t be able to hit the track for a couple weeks to test it out.

I think the issue is vibration caused. I looked at the data and notices an intresting trend. When hustling to get a fast lap, it would rev limit at 12,400 down the straight. If I would take it easy during the lap (Let’s say stuck behind slower traffic or I was catching a breather) it would pull all the way to 14,300. At OVRP you need to use the curbs quite a bit, so I think the extra movement and banging during a fast lap overwhelmed the components.

If these adjustments adress the issue great. However I an disappointed at the the experiance and the design. I can’t see the plastic tabs holding these commpnents lasting very long. The coil and hte e-box are fairly heavy. This movement not only stresses the mounting points but also the wires and hoses. In a year, I am sure you’ll hear about these tabs breaking and replacements being needed.