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Shawn Fountain

Certainly won’t engage any disgruntled internet keyboard warriors.

If my short videos offend anyone’s sensibilities, well…

Hey, why not post better interpretations of your own open air motoring experiences, before trying to play someone else’s conscience, yeah?

Let me guess, someone has to play the designated villain here, as with on all message board sites. Next comes the mob mentality with the knifes & pitch forks, no?

Listen, i  don’t over value an item, it’s just a kart to me. I do my best to pick semi controlled riding enviorments, i’m no Aryton Senna, neither are you.

Live & let live. There are hundreds of skusa related track crashes & fatalities on youtube as well.

It’s the reason you sign your waiver releasing culpability from the event holders.

You go on an sustain spinal injury trying to be Andretti. I don’t harass you, do I?