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Ted Hamilton

IMO, karts are a “boutique” item, ie. not mass-produced.  Even the “factory” efforts aren’t pumping out 10,000 units +…  Therefore, the remaining racers are forced to pay for what is essentially a hand-crafted item, even it’s produced with “modern” techniques.  Also, lack of corporate backing from industries outside the sport forces interior industries to pass marketing and promotions costs on to their customers through the pricing too…

Now why Coyote (or similar) aren’t paying a top-level driver to go win Man Cup races on their cheaper chassis to “prove” that they’re competitive is a mystery.  Even an inferior chassis, (which I’m not implying about Coyote), can win consistently with enough development time and superlative talent in the seat and engine sides…Win Sunday, Sell Monday…  IMO, the reason you don’t see Extreme, or others selling is that they aren’t winning, and they aren’t winning because nobody’s making the risk of running and developing them to the point of competitive worth it for the “top teams,” and so the top teams choose the “proven” chassis and reinforce the impression that Verde, Rosso, or Black are necesary to win.

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