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Daryle Redlin

Just thought I would add a comment about robots etc, they are not as expensive as you think and companies purchase them because they are a net reduction in production costs. Don’t be mislead to think that production has gone offshore because North American companies cant compete. We produce a number of product lines and one of them is bike parts. We have better quality, faster delivery and just as competitive on price. The major problem in NA is the request to manufactures to make smaller runs of parts. When we run 200 sets of bike cranks we can be price competitive but if we are only asked to make 5 sets we cant. In reality the production ability of Tony Kart should make them the most cost competitive and they should be able to beat everyone on price. They sell at the higher price only because customers continue to pay it. I guarantee you that if their sales went down 20% the price would immediately drop. Its simple supply and demand. Ikarts prices should be the highest because they are hand making the kart and they don’t have the scale yet of the larger manufacturers. Once karting finally implodes on itself due to pricing the kart prices will magically come down to what they should be and the market will hopefully rebuild itself.