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johnny brooks

Wow, you guys really just don’t ‘get it’.
Thinking that buzzin around the streets on bikes or atvs, etc. is somehow relevent…..

We are only talking about racing karts. We are a small community that lacks exposure. Any exposure we do get should be positive…such as the CBS Sports coverage of the SKUSA races.

I’ll repeat that I hope you are both arrested and charged with maximum offenses…speeding, reckless, unlicensed, uninsured…maybe losing your driver’s license for a while might change your habits.

Grow up boys…..find some private property to do your doughnuts on.
Promote karting in a positive, family friendly manner….NOT BY BREAKING EVERY DRIVING LAW ON THE BOOKS!!

FWIW- I’ve been karting for 30 years and never ran a kart on a public street.

again…just my opinion

I received a PM from Mr. Obrien so I’ve removed part of my post.