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Shawn Fountain

All points duly noted.

It really isn’t any different from the guy or gal purchasing that 1400cc hayabusa or 1000cc R1 sport bike that has zero intention of ever putting it on a track.

He uses it at his own discretion, no?

He can even choose to make it into a stunt bike, really, it’s all in a persons perrrogative.

How many dirt bikes/quads are sold annually to hobbyist, that have no intention of hitting a motorcross track to become the next Jeremy McGrath or James Stewart? Strictly for private usage.

I’m willing to bet, with cash in hand, anyone can go to any of the foremost kart manufacturers and let them know upfront that they have no intention of doing a track day with a potential kart, and they’d still be inclined to get them into the sport.

Personally, I, have no ambition in ever becoming a lewis hamilton or a sebastian vettle.

The kart, for me, is a brief respite or reprieve from the everyday.

I’m not advocating shooting through a neighborhood at wot.

It’s always interesting  to see other creative riding aspects or locations.