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Richard Gordon

No problem Freddy.  You have given me useful advice in the past and I appreciated it.  Sorry to be so stand offish.  I figured you guys are probably running at the national level.  I would expect this level to be expensive.  It should be since it is the top tier of karting in the U.S.  Maybe the karts are worth it.  Just seems like everything in karting went up a bunch since I last did it and also compared to the various car series I raced in.  The cost of running even local club events in most 2 cycle classes is pretty steep.  This is why I decided to go the LO206 route.  Spec tire, cheap pump gas, and low engine maintenance with a sealed motor made a lot of sense to me financially.  At some point we might end up with a TaG or stock moto, but for now the LO206 will be fun and a good way to get into sprint kart racing.  For now, just with our club.  Maybe in a regional series at some point.  Problem for us is the distance to the other tracks.  All over 5 hours one way.  Local track is still 2 hours one way.