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Richard Gordon

I didn’t mean to offend you, I do have a weird sense of humor, I apologize if I offended you with my comment.

I am not the reason why this sport is the way it is, and I assure you I have taken my shirt off to help the needy racer, or the new karter, we also have several karts available to help people learn how to drive, educate them about the sport before they make a purchase.

There have been many times where guys use even our personal karts to test and get a clue of how it is, not to mention constantly giving people a wrenching hand when lost and confused at the track.

I am not gonna get into details with numbers, how many wins, how many championships I’ve won, because it will not be a fair statement.

I just simply made a statement about the reality, I am not responsible why top of the line karts are so expensive, and why the value and market for their product is so high, if OTK karts have a price tag and that is the value of their equipment then more power to them, I don’t have a major in economics or finances, but just by looking at their factory, equipment, facility, machinery, state of the are operation, etc I would probably do the same thing, as this is not a charity event, this is a business.

I am an old fashion kind of guy too, that would love the sport get better, and I totally have a passion for the sport and the people in it.

Driving any good old kart does it for me, and I am a believer that no matter how old or beat up your kart is you should be able to drive it like you stall it, and make it work for you, but at the end of the day I get my butt kicked by the newer technology, better quality, etc. I’ve had my share of frustration with low end karts, so I decided to work less and used better chassis.

It’s just like buying a socket from harbor freight tools, or a nicer better socket from Snap-On Tool ( which I have my share on those too) and it all boils down to frustration for me, don’t give me wrong they both get the job done, but 1 does it better, faster, and probably won’t hurt you.

Please understand that we’re just trying to answer your questions here in this forum, and I’d like to believe that we are a family of karters

I really wish OTK karts were cheaper (less expensive, I would really love that)

I hope we’re all cool with this.