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Richard Gordon

Care to tells us how much you spend in 1 year for karting?  Also, what level are you racing at?  Still no explanation why a bare frame can run up to $3k. Numbers are not there.  Seems like the name and its reputation will dictate the price.  People are willing to pay that much if they perceive that it gives them .1 seconds advantage over the competition?  I have been racing something since the early 80’s.  I have won a lot of races in many different disciplines from MX to nationally sanctioned cars.  Have won at the regional, state and local levels.  Have qualified in national events, etc.  I have always been able to do it on a shoe string budget.  If you think you he who spends the most wins, you are part of the reason that everything is so expensive.  People with attitudes like your’s will kill the sport in the long run.  Sorry, but couldn’t resist.