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Life is not for everyone! LOL

I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it, I meant to say “karting/ or racing is not for everyone”

Tim Koyen hits it right in the nail, there is a reason why top quality karts run up front, and win races/championships, I don’t see cheap karts dominating at big events.

I also agree that there is a budget for everyone, I could personally buy a brand new economy kart and start racing with it, but I can also assure you I will get extremely frustrated from trying so hard to catch up with the faster guys ( I like to win ) I would take a long time for me to find the correct set up, axle stiffness, hubs, spindles, seat position, etc before I could start having fun. When I can just pull my OTK kart out of the box and start kicking butt.

It’s just like starting a race with cold tires, or starting the race on hot tires out of the tire warmers.

We’ve had so many different kart manufactures through the years, including top US brands, and let me tell you something My kid will never want to use anything else other than his Alonso kart (Blue Tony Kart/ OTK)

I encourage everyone to get back to the point ( Why are karts so expensive?)

I think we’ve already established that ( You wanna play, You gotta Pay )

Cheap and karting do not go together. If I can’t afford to buy a starter, a clutch or a good quality suit, maybe I shouldn’t be racing, I would wait till a season in time when it’s affordable. My 2 cents.