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Richard Gordon

Yes, how much does the tubing cost in one frame?  How much does it cost to bend and cut the tubing?  How much does it cost to weld it together?  Small robots and jigs can be used for the whole process.  I’ve seen it done for bicycle frames.  We have a makers space that has a small robot that moved the frame in different positions for the welder to weld it up.  Seems like a decent rolling chassis can be made for $1500-2000 that would be a good starter kart and still be competitive at the local/regional level.  How about the cadet karts?  Why are they so much cheaper?  Has almost the same amount of material and very similar components/design.  It just doesn’t add up.

Seems like the current system for someone starting out, is to buy someones used equipment.  Thats all well and good, but there is something said for buying new chassis and getting everything set up for the driver.  Instead of having to adjust to what is already put together.  You learn a lot more from putting a new kart together yourself.  Also, you don’t know what you are getting when you buy most used karts.  A lot out there is probably used up and won’t ever work that well anymore.  This will result in frustration for the new owner and they will probably quit.  Most new karts are out of range price wise for some one wanted to get into the sport.  Seems like this is what is laking in the industry.  A cheap way to get started.  At least there are a few companies starting to address this issue.