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johnny brooks

“Didn’t see any representation for those of us that do this type of karting.”
It’s not a type of ‘karting’, only a type of ‘stupidity’!

“Just don’t have the time, or motivation to find a track.”
What an arrogant SOB!

The sport of Kart Racing has enough issues to deal with; we certainly don’t need a future ‘Darwin Award’ winner like you to give a bad impression to those who see you being a moron on public streets. Hopefully you’ll be arrested and your shit impounded…before you end up dead or disabled.
I’d expect this type of post from a young teenager…grow up already! 41 ???

There’s a reason sanctioning bodies have rules like this:

Any WKA member driving a kart on public thoroughfares or who assists a person driving a kart on public thoroughfares is subject to immediate suspension of membership privileges.”

Hopefully you’ve used your real name and WKA/IKF/AKRA and all the local clubs see this and flag you as unfit.

just my humble opinion.