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Richard Gordon

My personal preference is to buy a U.S. made chassis.  Like to keep people employed. 2nd choice is EU made.  But if you look at the mountain bike industry almost all of the top brands have their frames made in Taiwan.  Must be cost effective and they make a quality product.  The R&D is usually done in the U.S. or EU, but the final production is in Taiwan.  So I’m pretty sure that the cost can be lowered and the quality retained.  There might not be enough volume to make this a reality though or this would have already be the case.  I do like what Margay is doing with the Ignite.  Race ready with LO206 for unde $4k.  Kart does not have all the bells and whistles, but would a great way to start racing on the cheap.  I do see the Extreme karts which are made in Italy starting at $2300.  Throw a Fireball kit on it and you have a cheap TaG set up.  The Extreme and Eagle are the only chassis unde $3k that I have seen.  Not sure how good or competitive the set up would be, but also a great price point for entry level.  Seems like more of this is needed to get people into the sport.