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Tim Koyen

Anyone  has the ability to go out and buy all the brands listed above, yet so few do.  Even fewer are running up front with them.  If you want the European brands that have thousands of hours of engineering and testing behind them, then be prepared to pay for that.  If you don’t think its worthwhile, then buy one of the other brands.  There is something available at all the price points.

Are the OTK or other Euro or imported karts worth the extra money, apparently most karters think so, or we’d be seeing fields full of the other locally produced karts instead of those brands.  If you don’t think its worth it, or your financial ability, or driving ability limits you, then buy a cheaper make.  I doubt that you’ll have less fun because your kart cost less.

It costs money to produce high quality stuff with precision over and over.  But you also want to know that each kart you pull out of the box is going to work correctly and consistently.  At least its not a bunch of cheap crap made in China.  Although, for what it’s worth, some of components on some very nice karts, ARE made in China.  Which just goes to show, that with right engineering oversight, CNC machines located in China can produce quality product.

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