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Ambrose Buldo

Thanks for the feedback guys. Not been able to get to the track for a few weeks.

To Michael’s point: I did not have the gasket installed. I installed one. It did nto solve the problem. I then installed 2 gaskets and engine would not start so I went back to one gasket. I will check the ring connectors, but I dout it is the issue.

To Nigel: I did not istall the upgrade, the Rotax shop did, I did not get the installation guide. Kart has the new style Electronic power valve assambly so I assume this means it is the upgraded to the Pressure set-up? Is this correct?

To Eric: I am pretty sure all parts are hung off the bracket with rubber isolators. If it is the coil or the Selenoid, or both, I don’t know by memory. I have to see the Engine and take a picture.

In a link in previous post I saw someone shooting video of power valve opening and closing. Maybe I should do the same. At least I can confirm to the shop that cause is the power valve not operating properly.