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Richard Gordon

Yes, the Legend was a used car.  New, turn key was $12500.  Still not bad considering what you got.  Car racing has more overhead.  Need a larger tow vehicle, larger trailer, more tools and equipment, and space to store it all.  Parts for most of the spec racers and entry level classes are actually cheaper for cars.  You can build a 350 Chevy stroker 383 alky motor with 13:1 compression that puts out almost 600 hp for around $5000.  The circle track stuff gets expensive when it comes to fuel and lots of broken stuff.  Wheels, tires, tie rod ends, swage tubes, and body work take a beating.  I do think karts are a great learning tool for a new driver and a ton of fun.  And to keep cost down, I chose the LO206 class at our local track that uses a spec tire.  So I got all new kart and engine, with a used suit and gear (new Snell helmet), and used trailer all for a little over $3000.  Pump gas and the tires will last an entire season (Duro rental tire).  Not bad.  Wish we could run TaG, but that class is super expensive.  Motors $3000+, tires $250 a race weekend, $100 in fuel each weekend, etc.  How can your average joe afford to do this as a hobby?