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Jeremy Baldi

Yes you did. It was over 90 degrees with track temp probably close to 120º. Some of the laydown shifter guys with Pavesi engines like their water in the 160-180º range but on my TM it makes best power at 120º and losses power over 140º so I was down on power all weekend. But at 120º track temp unless system is 100% perfect which it can never be I can’t get low enough on hot day.

Looking into redesigning the rad system again for better cooling in the future. Currently have scoop next to my head (trying to pull slightly cooler air higher off ground) and sealed system behind head rest. But looking at putting even bigger rad in that tight area with scoop over my head like F1 car to pull coolest air possible. Unfortunately there is a height restriction of 26″ which doesn’t give us much room above head.

You also notice the exhaust temp was not working because when it got too hot the mychron would stop reading the EGT.

Jeremy Baldi