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Eric Alexander

So good news today!  I got back to the track and applied everything I researched and it payed off!  So a big thanks to John Kwong and the Calgary Kart Club for the above link.

The EVO kit ran strong – excellent, snappy, acceleration off the hairpin at GoPro Motorplex.  I had to dampen the E-RAVE solenoid even more to get the vibrations from shutting the RAVE valve and that fixed the 12,000 rpm limit.  The motor was simply the best Rotax I’ve ever driven today.  The track was crap – morning rain and lots of rental kart rubber making the grip low – so the laptimes were off by a few seconds.  But still the powerband improvements of the Rotax EVO was obvious.

And to put this into perspective: I have two engines.  My main motor is a freshly sealed 2011 with an 09 head. And the other (my practice engine) is an unsealed 2004 that honestly is long in the tooth (probably pushing 40-hours).  Well today I was using the 04 motor and it was a beast.  Easily the best performance this motor has provided in the entire 5-years I’ve owned it.  And more than that, it was the best Rotax experience I’ve had.  The performance today once I hit the tuning was simply awesome.  Can’t wait to try the 2011 race engine!

So there you have it.  I have to say the end result is very good.  The EVO upgrade was worth it.  I still think some of the engineering is a bit dodgy – like Rotax keeps adding parts to make the old dog work better.  But there’s no denying that in EVO form, the Rotax is the best its ever been.

So now I’ll keep an eye out for what happens in 2016 once this whole EVO changeover is complete.  I hope Rotax can get everything back on track and rebuild its numbers.