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Jeremy Baldi

Thanks for the response Bill.  I think the 3 groups you described should work out well.  Juniors, Sprint and Enduros.  If there aren’t that many juniors than maybe they can run in the other groups because it would be nice to have  4 rounds of practice.  Or if no one goes off maybe we can pick up some time to get 4th round of practice.  Ha!  Like that would ever happen.

I am in one of the faster classes (f-125 enduro) and always try to give people room when passing, sometimes waiting for a bit until I can pass easy on the straights, but I also know not everyone does the same.  It is only practice so I have never understood the need to dive bomb by people.

Having said that even waiting to pass on the straights I’m sure I still make people crap themselves at the rate I pass at the end of the straights.  Again I try to give people room so I don’t run over people like you mentioned.  However I will say it is sometimes really surprising how slow some racers go around the track.  I have almost run up on people when they are going so off the pace.  I’m not talking the slow classes I’m saying the guys in 250’s all the way down do yamaha sprint going 30 secs of the pace of the fast guys and slow down for corner way earlier than I would ever except.  Just have to be careful as possible I guess.

Looking forward to the event.



Jeremy Baldi